Tsunami 500-Gallon 96″Lx30″Wx48″H Rectangle Aquarium Setup



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Tank Length (Inches):72

Tank Width (Inches):30

Tank Height (Inches):30

Style: Fish

TankShape:Bow Front

Tank Material: Acrylic

  • Add OverFlow

    *Overflow Color

    Colored Back

    Colored Ends


    Stand Options

    *Height of Stand

    *Type of Wood Stand

    Stand Color :

    View Samples: Minwax or MLCampbell

    Canopy Type

    *Height of Canopy

    *Type of Wood Canopy

    Canopy Color :

    View Samples: Minwax or MLCampbell

    ABS Splash Pan For Stand

    Aluminum Support Stand With 3/4" Plywood Deck

    *Height of Aluminum Stand


Model R963048
Size 96″x30″48″
Gallons 500
Weight 1040
Side Walls 1 1/2″”
Top and Bottom 1″
Filter Size 60x18x18
# of Overflows 2
Overflow Plumbing in each overflow 2-1″ Drains 1-3/4″ Return


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